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Thanksgiving Brunch 2017


Congratulations to Cristina, Ya-Shiuan and Federica on the acceptance of their paper.



Congratulations To Federica




Federica Brandizzi

Single-Modifier Strategy for Plant biomass and Productivity Enhancement – Transition from Model Species to Commercial Crops

In an effort to address food security issues related to increasing land scarcity for crops, Dr. Brandizzi has established a new technology based on the overexpression of a single gene.  This overexpression causes an increase in photosynthesis, biomass, and digestibility.  With Tier I MTRAC funding, Dr. Brandizzi’s lab will transfer the technology from a model plant species into two crops of high economic relevance, soybean and alfalfa.  The expected outcome of this approach is an increase in seed yield of soybean plants and also an increase in biomass and improved quality of alfalfa plants. 


Federica has been awarded the title of "MSU Foundation Professor".


the youngest scientist in the lab.


Congratulations to Sang Jin Kim!! His paper on CSLF6 and mixed-linkage glucan synthesis has been featured in The Plant Journal!

The cytoplasmic localization of the catalytic site of CSLF6 supports a channeling model for the biosynthesis of mixed-linkage glucan (pages 537–547)

Sang-Jin Kim, Starla Zemelis, Kenneth Keegstra and Federica Brandizzi

Article first published online: 10 FEB 2015 | DOI: 10.1111/tpj.12748

Congratulations To Starla On Her Engagement!      





SpaceX capsule returns to Earth from space station with our A. thaliana plants!




Scientists are too busy!!!


Congratulations to Ya-Shiuan Lai on the acceptance of her paper in Journal of Cell Science.


PhD or Postdoctoral Position available.


Brandizzi's Lab is ready for SpaceX-3 Launch on March 16, 2014